5 May 2001

Dear Martin:

The matched (1.76 ct each) diamonds have been set and they look beautiful. We chose a 3-prong setting and they are the perfect match for these beautiful gems. The setting is much less visible than the traditional 4-prong setting - and they do not droop down, which is important given the significant weight of these stones. Your service and patience was very appreciated during the entire process. I highly recommend Martin Sheffield and USAcerteddiamonds. The specifications of the gems included:

1.76 ct each (3.52 ct total) Round, Brilliant Depth (1) 60.6% Table (1) 59% Depth (2) 61% Table (2) 56% Color I (both)

The independent lab, Accurate Appraisal - Consumers Gem Lab, Boca Raton, Florida, confirmed all specifications.

For customers interested in a full explanation of the process of selection and purchase, I have posted to RockyTalky, a forum specializing on diamonds:


I contacted over a dozen web-sites, and six local jewelers in the Seattle area. From my research, I know that I have received the best quality and value from USAcerteddiamonds.. Thank you Martin and USAcerteddiamonds.

Best regards,

Seattle, Washington
(For privacy reasons, I do not want sign my actual name. Customers are welcome to e-mail me at reiseattle@hotmail.com I would be glad to confirm information or answer any questions.)