Subject: Thanks for the wonderful diamond!
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2000 23:11:52 -0700
From: "David Love"
To: "Martin Sheffield \(E-mail\)"

Jenny and I have been enjoying the beautiful .961ct. E SI1 diamond you found for us - we've been having so much fun, we've been delaying sending back the H&A scope! Just for kicks, I even managed to find the inscribed AGS # on the girdle. I'm still amazed they can do things so small. We did manage to settle on a ring as well, though Jenny will have to console herself with admiring the diamond by itself while we wait 6-10 weeks for the ring to arrive from Italy. Good thing it looks great on its own!

I believe you still have my address on file, but just in case you don't, it's:

David Love
1039 Continentals Way, Apt. #402
Belmont, CA 94002-3162

Thanks again for the incredible diamond and exceptional service. It's just too bad Jenny doesn't wear earrings! :)