Subject: A Big thank you from Nancy and Charlie
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2000 19:59:47 -0400
From: "Gamble, Nancy"
To: "''" Hi Martin,

Hi Martin,

Our local gemologist confirmed that I indeed had a AGS triple 0 beautifully cut stone, although he said it wasn't a perfect "hearts and Arrows" but don't worry you didn't sell it to me as such, just that it was Triple 000 and a beautiful stone which it is! Steve said that we had done the absolutely best job possible for get the most "bang for our buck" to quote him directly. The H color and SI2 from AGA meant we hadachieved the best possible combination in selecting a stone. The diamond is so beautiful and I had it set today because I couldn't wait to wear it. Everytime I look down at my hand..I am so thankful that I found you and your website and returned the "other" stone.

I would be happy to recommend you and your company to anyone who is interested in buying a diamond and wants the best quality for the best price possible.

***** After months, and I mean months of endless research and internet searching, I was very fortunate to find IGS and Martin Sheffield. We had done so much work and educated ourselves on how to buy the perfect diamond, but fell victim to the local retail jewelry market...Luckily, I found Martin's web page just in time and was able to return my inferior stone within the 30 day policy to my local store.

I had posted a question about my stone to Martin on his web site and he returned my phone call within 2 hours. I was immediately impressed with his knowledge, friendly approach and sincere effort to find us a beautiful stone I would be proud to wear. That evening Martin e-mailed a list of stones to review(within our price range) and first thing the next morning he called me with great news that he had found the perfect stone for me...a triple 000 AGS stone...Ideal in cut, symmetry and polish. Martin scanned the diamond certificate and e-mailed it right to my office for review and with his help I made my decision that same day. This was so painless and now I couldn't wait to see my diamond.

Martin walked me through all steps of the purchase process..very easy...and I received my diamond yesterday. It was delivered overnight UPS and when I opened the package, he was right..."I needed sunglasses" it was so brillant and sparkling! It is truly everything he told me and more. I couldn't be happier.

I took my diamond to a jewler for verification and I received the diamond as described..had it set in a mounting today and I am enjoying this beautiful ring right now!

Thank you, Thank you Martin. What a pleasure it was to have such personal attention and care from an internet taxes!

I will stay in touch and certainly recommend you to our friends and family. Please feel free to print my e-mail address and phone number at work for anyone who would like to verify what a pleasant experience this was for me and my husband. I will enjoy the beauty of my anniversary diamond for years to come.
Take care,

Nancy and Charles Gamble
Boise, Idaho