Subject: Testimonial
Date: Tue, 09 May 2000 12:27:19 -0600
From: Drew Martorella

May 9, 2000
Dear Martin,
I purchased a 3/4 carat AGA000 from you in December 1999. I had to write you to let you how completely my fiancee' and I are satisfied. In sum:

1. Dealing with you was an utter pleasure. You were honest, energetic, attentive, and, perhaps most importantly, patient with me as underwent the "buyer's process."

2. I'm sure you have many clients, but I always felt important.

3. The diamond was everything you said it was AND MORE. Of course I ran straight to an independent appraiser and it was valued at thousands of dollars (USD) more than I paid for it. In fact, not only was I amazed by the price, but so was the appraiser.

Please feel free to post this testimonial. I hope you're still out there the next time I decide to purchase.

Good luck and thanks!


Drew Martorella

Feel free to use me as reference.