Subject: Diamond Purchase Assistance
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 16:17:14 -0800
From: "Meredith Shipman"
CC: "Martin Sheffield"

Martin -

I thought I'd drop a note to say thanks again for all of your help in locating a wonderful 1.55 carat oval. It looks absolutely beautiful set in my platinum and sapphire ring.
I must admit, initially I was reluctant to purchase a diamond over the internet from someone I had never met. After reading your very helpful Diamond Buyers Guide and reviewing the numerous testimonials on your web site, however, I felt much more comfortable.
Working with you personally to find "that perfect diamond" was such a pleasure. I felt I had your 100% attention and you were always very helpful and patient in answering my many questions.
Lastly, I KNOW you gave me the very best price that I could find anywhere. When I first began my search, I had contacted several wholesellers with what I was looking for. I was faxed several GIA certificates that met my requirements, however were out of my price range. Then you found me "THE" diamond that met the criteria and my budget. Ironically, when I went to throw away the other certifications, I discovered that you had sold me the same exact diamond as what a different wholeseller had previously presented, only for $950 LESS than their asking price.
Feel free to give my name and email address to anyone requesting a reference. I hope to do business with you again in the future.
Best Regards,

Meredith Shipman