Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999


I just wanted to let you know that it has truly been a pleasure doing business with you, and for that I am happy to give you this testimonial letter (or story in my case). As you know I decided after looking at numerous Internet Vendors (and local Diamond dealers) to purchase a 1 carat round AGS 000 'Hearts and Arrows' stone from you. This stone was to be the centerpiece of the platinum engagement ring for my girlfriend. This is the beginning of my story. This particular stone was out at a Jeweler in Florida, who was supposed to ship it Fed-Ex to you, and from there you would ship it to me.

As fate would have it the jeweler in Florida, shipped it via regular mail and thus the stone arrived a few days late. No problem, as you KEPT ME INFORMED THE ENTIRE TIME! I felt as if you were working on no other order but mine. Keep in mind, the most money I'd ever sent to an Internet vendor prior to this was $50. Now, I was sending thousands of dollars, and yet I was NEVER REALLY WORRIED ABOUT MY MONEY! This says an awful lot about the sense of securuty you imparted to me.

I also appreciate the reassurance you gave me on the quality of the stone - which was absolutely superb. I mean, this thing looks extraordinary. I often find myself staring at the dang ring when my girlfriend is playing piano just to watch it reflect the light. Now on to the second part of my story...the diamond arrives. Once I received the diamond, you told me to go to a local independent appraisor to verify that the stone I received was indeed the one on the AGS certificate.

Just the fact that you told me to do that speaks to your integrity. At that point, my heart sank as the appraisor told me the stone was 'close', but the measurements and color didn't match the certificate. I was crushed, but something didn't seem quite right as the weight of the stone matched the certificate exactly, but all of the dimensions were off....BUT - they were all off by the SAME amount (.03 mm). Also the appraisor was using a machine to check the color as opposed to a 'master' set of diamonds. To make a long story short, I called you and you were stunned that the stone didn't match.

Before I could suggest that I try a second appraisor, you did, AND OFFERED TO PAY FOR IT. Well, I did and of course the stone matched the certificate exactly. I then took it to the local jeweler who had the ring and had them verify that this was the correct stone (which they did by measuring the stone, and checking the inclusion map) - of course it was. As a side note, all 3 appraisors commented on the beauty of the stone.

Finally, my story comes to an end. I picked up the ring at 4:00 pm that day, took my girlfriend to the nicest restaurant in Dallas (The Mansion on Turtle Creek), and proposed. The answer? Well, would I be writing this letter if the answer were 'No'? It was a resounding, "Yes"! Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for enabling me to put Hearts and Arrows on the finger of the girl who put an Arrow through my Heart!

Chris Blandino
Dallas, TX