15 December 1999

Dear Mr. Sheffield,

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a 107 pointer, round, AGS-000, F,VS1. It was the size, color, clarity and ideal cut that I was seeking. You told me that it was a good stone at a good price... Well I believe you now. I let my wife pick out the setting and we had it mounted and appraised by the guy who sells Lazare Kaplan "ideal cut" stones... Not counting the setting, it appraised for 40% more than I paid you.

I was hesitant, to say the least, to buy a stone over the net, but after carefully checking out your site, among many others, I made up my mind that it just might be worth the try. As I told you, there are no jewelers in our town, population 2000, in the middle of south central Kansas. We had to travel to Wichita to look and then I was never satisfied with what I saw. My wife is now glad that she let me pick the stone and she got the designer setting she wanted.

Please keep up the quality work that you do and I will recommend you to all who ask where we got that beautiful diamond!


M. Jewett
Halstead, KS

email at jewett@southwind.net