Subject: testimonial
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 1999 17:55:18 -0500
From: "Eric J. Yoo" <>

Over a two-month period I contacted several wholesalers/brokers conducting business over the internet. I did a great deal of research and became very familiar with loose diamonds. Eventually I narrowed my search to stones that were in the 2.5 carat range, F, VS range, very good polish, very good symmetry, no fluorescence, no cutlet. I searched every internet site available and contacted those with the best available selection. Martin was able to beat everyone's price while also delivering the best stone. His price was anywhere from $250-$1500 less than any competitor. Believe me I conducted very thorough research and Martin's price
could not be beat. Its even more amazing when you consider that his stone was superior to any other within my specified range.

Initially I was very apprehensive about sending a large sum of money to someone I've never met Well, to ease my concerns Martin arranged for me to meet the actual wholesaler/cutter of the stone that I was interested in. I went to New York and met with the wholesaler/cutter and was shown the stone. After meeting with the wholesaler/cutter, I immediately realized that Martin was legitimate and I knew that I would buy the stone from him.

Martin has been extremely supportive and honest throughout the entire process. I had the stone appraised today and it was valued at over $9000 more than what I paid for. I'm extremely satisfied with the entire process and absolutely recommend Martin's services to anyone shopping for a diamond. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about Martin and IGS.

Eric Yoo

Eric is from Atlanta Georgia and is an Investment Advisor