Subject: Thanks!
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 08:32:50 -0400
From: "Joel Barbarito" <>
To: <>


As I began the search for my diamond, I read a book and surfed the net. I developed a sense of what was important and was able to determine exactly which criteria were important to me.

I was looking for a round brilliant, H, VS2-SI1, .75-.85 carat diamond with very good cut, polish and symmetry. I saw them on various web sites, but I had little faith in the service or reliability of these unseen dealers. Similarly, NONE of the jewelers whom I visited were able to come even close to the stone for which I was looking. One even went so far as to tell me flat out that neither he nor I would be able to find anything even close to
what I wanted. He said it was too close to perfect and that they just weren't available.

I had seen your site, but I was still unsure of a faceless internet contact. After downloading and reading your guide, though, I knew you were a safe, responsible, trustworthy source for my diamond. Your fast response through e-mail and phone calls worked wonders to assuage any concerns I had. Your guidance and especially your clear excitement FOR me made me sure I had made the right choice in using your service.

To make a long story short, you found a near-perfect, round brilliant, H, VS2, .85 carat, near-ideal cut diamond in less than one day for LESS THAN wholesale price. My appraiser even told me it was a great deal. You did what others said was impossible and you did it in an entirely professional, safe, and efficient process.


Joel Barbarito

Teacher from Ridgewood, New Jersey