"I was a neophyte when I started my search for a diamond engagement ring.  I really didn't look forward to the task.

        However, I found Martin's web site and decided to purchase his "Diamond Buyer's Guide".  After reading his publication and meeting and dealing with Martin I learned the importance of not only the "4Cs" of diamonds but of the "3Ps"  (Price, Professionalism, and Personability) as well. I became quite comfortable with the whole process and it actually became enjoyable!

        In the end I purchased a diamond from Martin .  I got a beautiful diamond at a great price.

        I would highly recommend Martin's guide to anyone interested in purchasing a diamond and I would highly recommend Martin as a diamond vendor.

        Thanks again, Martin

        Peter Scherbaty,
        Computer Specialist & Web Designer
        York University,
        Toronto, Ontario
        March 18, 99