The following testimonials have come from clients who have purchased the 'IGS Diamond Buyer's Guide'.  Upon request, any of the testimonials may be verified and arrangements may be made  through me to communicate  to any of the testimonial writers for verification purposes.  The following testimonials are written word for word  exactly as submitted to me without any editing whatsoever. 
Thank you. 

"It is a great service you provide ..." Priscilla: South Carolina
"Then I decided to call the man who had been so honest in his "Buyers Guide". Martin at IGS or usacerteddiamonds.com is king of customer service and satisfaction." Jason: Ontario, Canada
"I read the diamond buyers handguide from cover to cover-now I'm a little dangerous." Raul Castro, Columbia, MD
"A great guide." Joris Van Daele, Ontario, Canada
"a must have"-MSF
"Thanks for all your help in finding the right diamond." - Mark Meriaux - Atlanta, GA
"This is a pretty good guide"-David Love-Belmont, CA
"Very informative"-Keith
"Very grateful"-David J. Warren
"Educated purchase at my fingertips"-Stephan Edwards
"It was perfect"-Shane McCauliffe
"Manual gave me knowledge"-John
"Thanks for everything"-Jayson Knack
"Wonderful Diamond Buyer's Guide"-Mike Coultrip
"Extremely pleased with your book"-Tom Ruschak
"Provided me with a education"-Brian Rhodes
"You insight is invaluable"-East Sydney
"Thank-you"-Brian Rhodes
"Instrumental in helping me decide"-Calvin
"Made such a difference"-Tracy Kelly
"Ring was a big hit"-Steve Barrett
"Thanks again"-Steve Barrett
"Satisfying and comfortable"-Steve Barrett
"How greatly I am enjoying the guide"-Robert Keefe
"Extremely informative"-Oliver Starkovski
"Diamond purchase worry free"-Andrew Smemanis
"information that I have been looking for"-Brent Michell
"Thank-you so much"-Marc Agresti
"Six hundred dollar refund"-Barbra Whitnell
"A must have"-James C. strobel
"Excellent understanding of diamonds"-David Haddock
"Extremely useful and easy to understand"-Barb Marick
"Clearly written, best $25 I've spent"-Mary Brett
"Guide is absolutley awesome"-Micheal
"Highly recommend Martin's guide"-Peter Scherbaty
"Made me feel extremely confident"-Charles Garity
"Peace of mind"-Patrick Shea
"Highly recommend"-Toronto, ON
"Best thing I have found"-Brian W. Anderson
"Fascinating and most informative"-Virginia Storey
"Guide is outstanding"-John Schaecher
"Like a law book"-Dino Melo
"You will be grateful you did"-Micheal Quintieri
"Diamond Buyer's Guide is a God send"-Andrew Hahn
"Good understanding of diamonds"-Cliff Smith
"We felt more educated"-Judy Hitchon
"An absolute must"-Stinelli Castaneda
"Buyer's guide is fantastic"-Michael Rowan
"Absolutely worth the small price"-Dan Lough
"Tremendous advantage"-Charles Comp
"Don't buy a diamond until you read this book"-Andrew Ark
"Sincere Thanks"-Thomas Rosier
"Excellent guide on purchasing a diamond"-Mick Soriano

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