Subject:THANKS Martin !!!
Date:Fri, 11 Feb 2000 17:49:31 -0800
From:"Wilkinson, Keith"

Martin -
Sorry for the delay in writing my testimonial. Please post the following on your website.
I am writing regarding the very positive experience I had working with Martin in buying a diamond. I had been looking on my own learning about diamonds on the web when I found Martin's site. I started off by buying his Diamond Buyer's Guide. It was very informative and seemed to include all the information (plus more) that had taken me several weeks to compile on my own all in one source. As I narrowed in on the type of diamond I was looking for I emailed Martin and received a response from him the next day with 3 diamonds similar to what I requested. Martin and I talked on the phone and he quickly emailed me a copy of the certs on all the stones. I took some time in comparing the certs, but Martin was patient and held the stone I was most interested in. While I was thinking on my decision I had a few questions that I sent to Martin by email which he always answered promptly.
Once I decided on the stone, Martin was very quick and professional. Martin mailed the stone the day I ordered it and called me the next morning to see if it arrived. The stone arrived as expected and I was very pleased. I was also happy to see the original certification, just as I had seen in the emailed version, included with the stone.
After spending so much time looking at jewelers and malls I am very confident that I received a beautiful stone at significant discount. Even though my interaction with Martin was only by phone I felt very confident and sure about purchasing through him. I would encourage anyone looking to buy a diamond to do their homework, but in the end be very confident that you can go through Martin to find a great diamond at a great price!! THANKS again Martin for you help!!!


p.s. If anyone would like to call me, feel free to pass my number along. (510) 572-1159.