Subject: RE: testimonial from Steve Barrett
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 15:51:23 -0700
From: Stephen Barrett <>
To: Independent Gemmological services <>


Your welcome. I dropped the diamond off today at a local ags certified jeweler and the ring will be completed this Saturday (I'm picking it up Monday). They used the Sarin Diaport computer analysis machine on it....the only thing my verification guy didn't do, and everything measured out beautifully. I'm having a tifany style solitaire 95% platinum ring with 4 prongs made (2mm band).

One thing to mention: The told me on the phone that they'd be resonsible for any damage during setting of the stone. When I got to their store the jeweler said they wouldn't take responsibility (when I asked him to write this on the receipt) I told him I'd be going somewhere else. He
looked at the diamond again and said he would be resonsible because, "the diamond was so well cut he would have to hit it with a tool to chip it" ! (no thin girdle)

Thanks again and I really appreciate your being so available. I have a friend that will be looking for a round engagement diamond around the end of the year and he'll be calling you then.


Steve Barrett
Quantum Corporation
Shrewsbury, MA