“The only comment I have is that I wish there was a HANDGUIDE TO LIFE as there is a DIAMOND BUYER’S HANDGUIDE from IGS. 

I consider THE IGS DIAMOND BUYER’S HANDGUIDE to be like a law book which has the ultimate truth through a sea of biased information from jewellers and wholesalers.  If you want ‘peace of mind’ I truly recommend THE IGS DIAMOND BUYER’S HANDGUIDE and Martin Sheffield at IGS.  Without Martin Sheffield, whose love for what he does, I could not get the diamond ring I wanted at a wholesale value, and know that what I bought is truly what it is. 

It is Martin’s honesty and professionalism that will have me recommending him to family, friends and strangers who are looking to buy a diamond or appraise jewellery.  Furthermore,  if I have to buy another piece of jewellery or appraise a piece of jewellery I WILL Be taking it to Martin Sheffield at the IGS lab.  All the best, sincerely Dino.”

       Dino Melo,
       Toronto, Ontario
       Dec. 2, 1998